Substance Abuse

Are You or Someone you Care about Struggling with Drugs and/or Alcohol Abuse?

Substance abuse/use are sometimes ways that individuals use to cope with their depression and anxiety. While it is a normal human tendency to want to avoid pain, using substances to reduce pain can sometimes result in the unintended consequences of adding problems and pain to already existing pain. This may take the form of problems at work, conflicts with family members at home or driving while under the influence, resulting in arrests and legal problems.

It is often difficult for an individual who drinks or uses substances to admit that their substance use is contributing to their difficulties because they believe at some level that by admitting so others will see them as “weak” or “bad” in some way. It is often because they feel so ashamed and guilty for what they are doing, and for their inability to stop, that they have a problem asking for help.
12-Step Programs are extremely beneficial for the treatment of addictions. However, it is important to find a therapist who addresses the underlying issues on an individual on a case by case basis to determine the most effective way to attend to their unique life circumstances and treatment needs.

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