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About Psychoanalytic Treatment

Psychoanalytic or psychodynamic therapy is an exploration inward.  It is a particularly rewarding therapeutic work and can provide more meaning and joy in one's life.  It offers a method of treatment that assists in understanding oneself, one's relationships and how we negotiate one's world.  This form of therapy helps one learn how one became who you are and why they do and feel things as they do.  This understanding paves the way toward emotional freedom that is necessary to make substantive and lasting changes.  Psychodynamic therapy helps one recognize and manage strengths and weaknesses, accept oneself and realize one's fullest potential. 

Psychodynamic therapy is based on psychoanalysis, a theory and treatment that has helped countless people around the world to heal, change and grow.  It is a method for learning about the mind as well as a theory of human development.


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